Born Nov 14, As of 1-14-20, still have 1 Female Available

2 Males and 2 Females all Liver and White

These puppies will be close to 1 year old, by fall 2020, perfect timing for new hunting dogs to enter the field!

Ruff Mountain Briar and FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger



Briar is a large liver and white female approximately 47 lbs.  Briar is a leggy spaniel, which gives her a smooth ground covering run.  She has earned multiple all age and puppy AKC placements.  Briar is a consistent dog, runs a large pattern, and marks very well.  I have often said, when I am hunting and need one more bird for the day, she is the dog I would grab.  Over the years I have hunted a lot of late season cattails, Briar quickly mastered this.  When not hunting she is my families main house dog, she can be found sleeping on the edge of the couch.  


FC AFC "Trigger"

 Trigger is a large liver and white male approximately 50 lbs, he is well mannered honest dog.   He runs a nice pattern, is an excellent marker, and has a very biddable temperament in the field. Trigger has ran in numerous National Championships.  In 2017  in Utah he completed all 5 land series and the water; Trigger was awarded a Certificate of Merit. Trigger also earned his Amateur Field Championship (AFC), with his 2 wins and passing the water test.  Trigger also has earned  his Field Champion (FC) title Trigger is not only a fabulous field trial competitor but, he is also a wonderful house dog with an amazing personality.  


Pups Born November 14th, 2019. 2 Male and 2 Females. (I do have availability) Check out Facebook for photos and video of pups

We expect all liver and white puppies in the 45-50 lbs range.  These pups should be excellent gun dogs, house dogs and solid field trial potential.  Both Briar and Trigger are calm well mannered dogs.  I am excited about this breeding.  Deposits are $200 pups are $1200.00